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David Maus M. A.

Release of SchXslt Schematron v1.6.2

David Maus, 21. Jan 2021

I am pleased to announce the release of SchXslt 1.6.2, a modern XSLT-based Schematron processor.

You can download this version SchXslt from its project page. Developers using SchXslt in a Java-based project can add or update the Maven artifact to version 1.6.2.


  • (Issue 152, 154, 156) SchXslt allows the following additional elements from the XSLT namespace to be used before the pattern elements:

    • xsl:import
    • xsl:import-schema
    • xsl:include
    • xsl:accumulator
  • (Issue 146) This version of SchXslt adds tentative support for streaming validation templates. If the xs:boolean option schxslt.compile.streamable is set to true, all modes used by the validation stylesheet are marked as streamable.

    Please be aware that the default location function cannot be used in a streaming template and must be replaced with a user-defined function that can.

  • (Issue 149) The target XSLT version is available to API templates as the tunnel parameter xslt-version.

  • (Issue 147) The default location function uses the built-in fn:path() function if the query language is XSLT 3.0 and no user-defined location function is provided.

  • (Issue 144) Suppressed (shadowed) rules are no longer reported via a xsl:message.

Fixed bugs

  • (Issue 151) Fixed a bug that caused the report to use the URI of the Schematron instead of the validated document.

    (Issue 155) The XSLT 1.0 compiler did not copy xsl:key elements to the validation stylesheet.