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David Maus

About me

I am a software developer and markup specialist from Hamburg. My main job is to head the department "Discovery Systems and Software Development" of the Hamburg State and University Library, Hamburg's largest general academic library, and the central library of the University of Hamburg and the city's other higher education institutions.

I also offer consulting and training as a side project.


You can find an overview of all software projects on SourceHut and related publications under my ORCiD.

Consulting & Training

With 10+ years of professional experience in academic libraries, I offer consulting and training.

Digital projects do not always go as planned and run into crises. In these cases, too, I am available to provide advice and help you get the project back on track and complete it successfully. Of course, with the necessary discretion and consideration for all stakeholders!



David Maus
Unterm Heilbrunnen 5
21029 Hamburg
Phone +49-151-61506713
Email dmaus@dmaus.name