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Release of SchXslt version 1.3 »TEI Conference Edition«

David Maus, 17.09.2019 · Permalink

I am pleased to announce the release of SchXslt 1.3, a modern XSLT-based Schematron processor.

You can download this version SchXslt from its project page. This version of SchXslt als marks the release of SchXslt CLI, a Schematron commandline application written in Java.

Java users beware: The Java classes now live in a separate repository and as a separate Maven artifact. They follow their own versioning scheme and have a declared runtime dependency on SchXslt 1.2 or higher. The two artifacts are name.dmaus.schxslt.schxslt (the XSLT stylesheets) and name.dmaus.schxslt.java (the Java classes).

Please update your build files accordingly and sorry for the inconvenience!


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