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David Maus M. A.

Release of SchXslt version 1.4

David Maus, 12. Feb 2020

I am pleased to announce the release of SchXslt 1.4, a modern XSLT-based Schematron processor.

Starting with this release, the provided SVRL-generating XSLT 2.0 compiler stylesheet creates a validation stylesheet that reports rules that where not checked because their context node was matched by a previous rule in the same pattern. These rules are reported by a svrl:suppressed-rule element with a content model equal to svrl:fired-rule.

You can download this version SchXslt from its project page.


  • (Issue 90) XSLT 1.0 compiler stylesheets detects name collisions in globally scoped variables

  • (Issue 78) XSLT 2.0 API provides callback for suppressed (shadowed) rules

Fixed bugs

  • (Issue 87) XSLT 2.0 compiler stylesheet does not handle the case where the base URI of the Schematron is not available